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Originally Posted by bunnn View Post
How's everyone doing with this? I stopped late last year because I had several trips to go on.

I started a little less than 2 months ago, had to repeat some weeks as I couldnt really work out to the schedule during those weeks. As of this Saturday, I will have exactly 2 more weeks till I complete the program. This program is insane indeed; I don't watch my diet or eating at all, but the results are still solid, week after week.
Good job and good luck on the last 2 weeks of the program. Made the mistake 8-9 months ago not watching my diet and actually gained weight while doing insanity. Since then I really committed to a clean diet and have really made huge gains in both fitness and weight loss. Right now my workout routine consists of Insanity/ Asylum hybrids w/ a good amount of Bball mixed in and the occasional run. Gearing up for P90X 2 coming out later this fall. Just think about how much closer you can get to your goals if your diet was on par. I always go by 80 diet/20 workouts. But honestly for me right now it seems more like 90/10 lol If I'm gonna bust my butt this hard in my workouts I have to see crazy results.