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Does anyone here use VR for sim racing?

I am just about to get back into sim racing and one of the things that put me off previously was the lack of immersion with a single monitor, but when I tried triple monitors they simply took up too much space and still didn't quite give me the immersion I was looking for.

For this reason, having recently watched some YouTubers' views (such as Jimmy Broadbent, Driver61, ViperConcent, Tiatmarduke etc), they all seem to unanimously agree that VR gives you the next level of immersion that is as close to real racing and driving as can be expected.

I am running an older-ish machine, but still more than capable with a Core i7 Extreme Edition 4960X 12 core CPU, 64GB RAM and a GTX 1070 GPU, and can run VR, though may have to notch a couple of newer titles down a bit in terms of graphics quality.

Just wondering what the VR options are nowadays and what are the views of using VR for sim racing?

Cheers in advance
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