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Originally Posted by replapla View Post
I have a 2009 Model BMW Z4 E89 N54 35i Sdrive with DCT.(EU version)
My car has no trouble or error codes.There are only 3 things to change.
1.Eisenmann 2x90mm race exhaust mufflers and tips
2.No 2nd CATS.
3.stage 1 software from a local tuner

I have two questions, I will act accordingly.

1. I have another tuner's stage 1 software in my car.
Can I revert to original stock software with the MHD flasher? (I'm talking about the MHD Flasher N54 app being able to find the latest stock firmware for my car and install it on the phone.)

2. If the above question is yes, I will make the following changes to my car after returning to stock software
a) VRSF 5 "Stepped Performance HD Intercooler
b) VRSF Charge Pipe
c) Tial Sport Blow off valve
d) VRSF Race Downpipes (catless)
e) VRSF Aluminum Turbo Outlet Charge Pipe (2 ")
f) VRSF Oem location High Flow Inlet Intake (2 ")
g) VRSF Aluminum Oil Catch Can
h) VRSF Performance Dual Cone Intaket Kit

I do not want to do Custom Tune. Also, gasoline has a high octane rating in our country(95+), so I do not plan to switch to a fuel such as ethanol. I want to make MHD OTS Stage 2 +. I know that it is enough for Stage 2+ to do what is written in the a, d, h items from the list written above.
I think an upgraded car also needs the other additional parts listed above for the turbos and engine to be long-lasting and healthy. (Maybe I am wrong, I'm not an expert)

So, do you mind if I install the MHD Stage 2+ OTS map after doing the above modifications (all items)? Do I have a problem?

Thank you in advance for your reply.
1)MHD should allow you to over write your custom time with stock, MHD stage 0 (stock but their software loaded) or their stage 2+. That basically blows away your current tune. I don't know if MHD needed to save the original map or of they have a copy and use it. That would be a question I would contact MHD about if you are really concerned about the stock map vs the effect of stock in stage 0.

2) your mod list for stage2+ is good. The extra inlets and outlets should just help your turbos breath better and enable more power if you had a custom tune. The alternative would be to get MHD flasher with JB4. I am still learning about this setup, but I think you could probably take advantage of those inlets and outlets without a custom tune.
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