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According to this V3 should have much wider adjustment range and should be able to be set up a lot more comfortable or even stiffer than V2.
So if the amount of rebound adjustment clicks is the same(16 clicks),which it is, then maybe the amount 1 click changes the suspension is bigger on V3 than on V2/XA. Or maybe V3 is marked on that chart like that due to adjustable compression, that does make a difference in comfort when softened. Or this chart is just totally fake crap, made up by marketing department.

Wierd is that you said that rebound adjustment is hardly noticeable. I definetly felt changes when i turned my rebound 1 click softer. Same with compression. Thats why i started to wonder if valving adjustment is different between different models.

i do get what you are saying. Separating spring preload and ride-height would be nice and would give user more ways to dial in their setup. Many KW-s competitors do offer that.
I personally did not really care for it and was more interested in KW-s valve adjustment technology and build quality. And I believe KW doesnt make any coilover kits where ride height is separate from preload. Even Porsche 911 GT3 (991) Clubsport kit that cost 5400 eur have same type of height adjustment with spring perch. So do their custom order competition series. Even KW V5 coilovers for Lamborghini Huracan that cost almost 9 grand have height adjustment with spring perch. Clearly KW doesnt see any issues with it even on their highest end most expensive kits.
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