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I dont think it is a design flaw...KW does talk alot about testing and developing their suspensions on a rare 7post driving dynamics test rig.
Yes it is a bit stiffer than stock but i think mine still rides pretty nice. Its not like im driving on stilts. Low sportcars cant be as comfortable as luxury sedans.
Just dont totally slam the ride height and use softer settings. You cant have everything with suspension... its either comfortable or sporty. By lowering you reduce the amount of travel suspension can have. It cant be the same as it was when stock or it would rub. And this results in stiffer suspension.
And these compressed coils are probably there for times when suspension becomes unweighted like during jumps or going over a crest at speed. Spring needs its travel at these situations too and cant just flop around being too short uncompressed.

Progressive springs are awesome for road use. On track maybe you want fixed rate springs. Z4 with these KWs is the 3rd car i have had with progressive springs. Two previous had lowering spring kits installed. 04 Type R had TEIN spring kit and they were great.Right amount of stiffness while still comfortable enough to not feel every crack in the road. Sadly i crashed that car on a twisty country road by rolling it after getting into a tankslapper. On 07 Type-R i installed Eibach Pro kit lowering springs. These i hated. Too soft and not sporty enough for me i guess. Too everyday... Was not a fan. KW feels like its between Tein and Eibach. Less suspension travel in the Z4 though. Its great over small stuff but on big bumps it does get real stiff because i guess it just runs out of travel and bottoms out.
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