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Originally Posted by EdM5 View Post
The smarter option probably would have been to go full throttle and run away from Lewis. Build a > 5 s. lead at the checkered flag. And take a 5 s. penalty after the race.
Stupid mistake from RB race control?
actually as far as i know RB wont able to do it anyway..

not obeying track limits penalty and overtaking off track is not the same thing.. Max had to give away the position.. just like cutting a chicane and overtaking.. you cant hold that position.. if rules not change unless you give the position back, it means 10sec stop and go or DQ from the race by black flag after white and black flag if ignored still..

Originally Posted by Killed by Death View Post
scHAM didn't win the race, RB & MAX lost it with their strategy and bad race craft. RB should have pulled MAX in right after scHAM and MAX should have been more patient. RB have no one to blame but themselves! Kinda reminds me of Ferrari. I've always said do what MB does because they are smarter than you
but Max's face and the way he talked was like.. he couldnt win the race.. its not the same thing..
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