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Edit^^ : Lose**

Also, i take my diet very seriously.

I am on a slow bulk and trying to gain a slow .5lbs a week. If you want the best results possible, be patient and dedicated.

Enjoy the foods you like!!

Weigh them! Use a tracker such as
How do you go about keeping a diet like that when there are so many parties and birthdays all throughtout the summer and drinking becomes an issue......? I know the simple solution is don't drink at all but if you do drink for the occasion, how do you go about maintain ur goals and still keep everything "in check"?
In the whole scheme of things, one day isnt going to ruin your progress.

I drink every weekend! Geez I'm 24, I don't take life seriously

Stay on track as much as you can, don't let one meal screw with your head. Act as nothing happened and continue with whatever meal plan you have in place moving forward.

*Don't let one cheat meal turn into a cheat day or binge*

I'm all for sanity while following strict protocol; that's why I follow the idea of IIFYM. If It Fits Your Macros

I eat 95% whole foods that I enjoy.

See the Ben and Jerrys? I fit ice cream into my macros every day! There is nothing wrong with it, I promise. Americans have this fear of calorie dense foods for some reason.