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are you a true 8.5% or an internet 8.5%
this is me at 5'8" 170lbs @8-9% last spring during my cut trying to get to 165lbs for a power lifting contest. so you shouldn't be to far off, only -9lbs and an inch taller then me

whether or not there is such a thing as stripping fat while putting on muscle, at times i have gotten heavier and stronger while decreasing my waist size before if i dial in my diet perfect. And yes i know about manipulating my sodium and water intake, which is how i went from 175-165 then back to 175 in a 3 day time. the pic was mid cut during that (and of coarse no drugs were used as i compete in a drug tested federation)

i know you cant gain mass without increasing calories and lose mass without decreasing them, i get what your saying its just ignorant to say that you can eat anything to get good results of a lean high mass body.

my fat intake is 90-120 grams or around 1000calories from fat average.