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Originally Posted by fanatic1 View Post
Saw that Newey moment and contrast to Horner, telling. Also thought HAM was a sitting duck those last five laps, great performance for the win.

Max was too polite in giving the position back straight away? Never thought I’d hear those words.

Renewed excitement for F1, going to be a fun season.
Which leads me to clearly unpopular opinion, but I’ve seen leaps and bounds in Max’s maturity in the past few years. Sure, he’s not there, but I’ll be damned if he isn’t incredibly talented. This will be the year of max versus Lewis all year and Lewis humbly admitted it. I have strong dislikes for both characters, but on track they made today great.

Of course I’m biased for team mclaren and I think they had a stellar continuity of success from the 2020 season. We will continue to see them go back and forth and push for that 3rd place spot.

AT was a horrendous showing today, but Yuki is HOT out of the gates, I expect to see them heated battling for 3rd

Ferrari did better and AM worse than I expected. Seb caused that crash, leclerc and Norris fight is something I hope to see repeatedly again this year as well.

Boys, I think we’re back!
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