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Originally Posted by CalAcacian View Post
... it is the engineer's job to inform their driver of gaps to drivers before starting a hot lap. Stroll said he had no idea Max was there, any competent engineer would have told him that Max was starting a hot lap and was .2 off of him so he needed to watch the first corner and either cover him off or take a wider line.
You blame Strolls engineer, I'm blaming Verstappen so I guess we will just have to agree to disagree on this one.

Originally Posted by CalAcacian View Post
Plus, Stroll was on the softs and had not had a lap to recover energy. He couldn't have posted a representative time on his second lap anyways. His tires would be overworked and graining and he would have clipping part way through the lap.
I think that was actually the point of completing a second hot see how the lap time was affected by starting a lap without full electrical energy and having hot tyres.
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