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Originally Posted by SenorFunkyPants View Post
Its practice and its Stroll and Verstappen driving the cars not their engineers.
A driver on a fast lap does not have to give way to another driver on a fast lap.
It should have been blatantly obvious to Verstappen that Stroll was going for a second fast lap.
Coming up to the turn, Verstappen was not on the racing line, he could see Stroll wasn't slowing to let him by and yet he still tried to go down the inside on the less than optimum line.
Its the same stupidity as Brazil and Ocon...Verstappen had been told that Ocon was catching him on fresh soft tyres and wanting to unlap himself and yet rather than let him by he turned into him. Its some weird ego thing Verstappen has...he would rather crash than do the smart/sensible thing.
... it is the engineer's job to inform their driver of gaps to drivers before starting a hot lap. Stroll said he had no idea Max was there, any competent engineer would have told him that Max was starting a hot lap and was .2 off of him so he needed to watch the first corner and either cover him off or take a wider line.

Plus, Stroll was on the softs and had not had a lap to recover energy. He couldn't have posted a representative time on his second lap anyways. His tires would be overworked and graining and he would have clipping part way through the lap.

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