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BMW Z4 28i Modifications


Would you guys share the modifications you have made to your E89 (2009-2016) BMW Z4 28i car? I did see the list of modifications for N20 engines but not all of those are applicable to fit a Z4 28i..I have a 2016 BMW Z4 28i. Could someone share if they have an:

1. Exhaust system (NOT CUSTOM) on the BMW Z4 28i that can pass emissions? I see a lot of posts about downpipes + using a DP Fix..could someone confirm if this still can be found for purchase? If the DP Fix cannot be found for purchase, can someone please recommend a decent sounding exhaust system that can pass emissions? Not sure if downpipe with "race cats" (whatever this means) is an option?
 I think I read JB4 tune can rid of codes for downpipes to pass emission but not sure?

2. I am unable to find a BOV for the BMW Z4 28i, does this part exist for this car/engine? I finally found a Charge Pipe but a manufacturer said BOV cannot fit for this type of car. ECS Tuning. com has a Atmospheric Blow Off Valve kit..has anyone tried this?

3. I did my comparison between Dinan, JB4, RaceChip, and BMS Stage 1.. I plan on ordering the BMS Stage 1 and a Momentum GT Aluminum Black Cold Air Intake System. Would anyone recommend a different cold air intake?

Any advice would be appreciated for the three questions above regarding 28i and not 35i/N54.

Thank you!