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Famous quote: "The first revolution is when you change your mind, about how you look at things, and realize there is another way to look at it that you have not been shown".

Dude, the "public" are seen daily driving around in Camrys, Corrollas, Rav 4s, and F-150s, so what do they know?

I like tradition also. Many who've read my many posts in the 3 series area on BMW tradition and history know this.

However, you must note the transition going on here. The Internal Combustion Engine is on it's deathbed. So is traditional ICE design like jmg said earlier. The "i" line is a move into the future of the automobile. Sure, some of the designs are hard to accept at first, but when you understand what's going on, it becomes easier to accept.

Ignorance in all forms always manifests itself in fear, dissension, and hate. If you don't understand EVs, you may tend to not like any part of the subject.

I hated hybrids like the Prius to no end; still do. Why, because there was nothing futuristic in a hybrid as they still drove on gas. The silly, flaccid looks pointed to softness.

Most EVs took on this same esthetic, think Nissan Leaf. However, most men want either something aggressive looking or purposeful. The i3 is totally purposeful in it's execution and this was attractive to me. I gave the car a chance, did my research, took time to survey the environment, then started to view things in a different light.

Worst thing you can ever do is be the last person to "get it". Think Apple, Facebook, or Bitcoin.
Some people bought Pontiac Aztecs also.
Ya this guy

I find it funny that people think EVs are gonna take over in the near future. I live in a highly populated area just outside NYC. Barely see any full EVs.

I think the auto manufacturers are taking a gamble trying to shove this crap down our throats here in the US. Time will tell.
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