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Originally Posted by F30lolz View Post
Iím confident about this team. However:

Glassman (criminal, always hurt while laughing on the way to the bank everyday) will miss 89% of the season.
Judge will miss 53%.
Malakaósayonara! Overrated and wonít be missed.
Legendary Bat Speed, time to plant your flag.
Hicks, stay healthy and be consistent.
Severino is another criminal for robbing the Yankees with that contract but glad itís not a massive one.
Domingo German gets so much attention for that domestic dispute from teammates but Chapman gets a pass when he did the same thing in his garage in Miami?
DJ, just keep being DJ.
Gleyber Torres. Can Gleyber Torres be Gleyber Torres?
Kluber better not get clobbered.
Gardner continues to plant his seed.

Thatís it for now. BTW, might catch a game in Tampa around late March. Looking forward to it.
Love, and agree on every point you mention.

I usually fly down to Tampa, from NYC, this weekend. I go for the first couple of spring training games. Then make my way down to Tampa. I meet up with a friend whoís part of the Tampa Bay Rays organization. Iím glad baseball is on the horizon.

Letís play ball...