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Originally Posted by night199uk View Post
Part Vendor V Vendor D
61316950266 - Trim panel, steering column, top 220 250
61120137616 - Bluetooth Antenna cable 140 180
84316944144 - Microphone cover 30 30

84640443734 - Basic Bluetooth Hands-free kit 1060 1200
65410445465 - Retrofit kit - USB/audio interface 2550 2580
84109229740 - USB module, high 3150 3180
84316977740 - TELEPHONE MICROPHONE 500 570

65412152528 - Bluetooth kit with USB/audio 2660 2700
84109257160 - Combox Media 2560 2600

MULF2 Full Install 7650 7990
Combox Full Install 5610 5760

The MULF2 can be sourced from e.g. eBay for a lot less, especially as folks upgrade to Combox's. But the Combox price is good for me here to get a new part. Vendor V has an 8-10 week lead time! Haven't got an answer from vendor D yet about lead times. There may be 1 extra part (cheap) required on the Combox install if it needs to go in the trunk instead of the GC.

There is an additional cost of ~5000 to get the ICOM head for programming, but I think I will just absorb that as I mentioned, as being able to code BMWs would be a handy thing for the future I think.

Hey - which thread did you get that E89 trunk pic from? I didn't find any good E89 threads, that would be handy.

I believe the Combox will still go in the GC with the 6-CD changer. The spec sheet I have on the E89 shows the location of the Combox as the GC. Will have to check it out when I receive parts and install it where appropriate I guess.
Thank you for sharing the above info. I can tell you have done an excessive research. I cannot agree more on your comment on BMWHK, unfortunately.
I find the prices very encouraging, I do not favor buying from the e-bay like sites. When you spend that much on a car, the source of where I get the accessories is very critical for me.
Keep me informed, I am certainly interested, and can push the 'buy'button anytime I solve the mystery of the coding part.

I got the photo from this forum, do a search on radio setup, I think if I recall it was on page 6 (sorry right now I am in china, and my connection is horribly slow...)
I don't mind spending extra bucks to get all the latest setup, so I don't regret it few months later. I already regret not including this BT option when I ordered my Z4, though the salesman thought I am knits when I paid the HK$70,000 for the iDrive option!! But what does he know...

I have emailed bummer tech to send me the specs of what they have and what coding is needed for my CiC.. Will let you know what they get back to me with...