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Part Vendor V Vendor D
61316950266 - Trim panel, steering column, top 220 250
61120137616 - Bluetooth Antenna cable 140 180
84316944144 - Microphone cover 30 30

84640443734 - Basic Bluetooth Hands-free kit 1060 1200
65410445465 - Retrofit kit - USB/audio interface 2550 2580
84109229740 - USB module, high 3150 3180
84316977740 - TELEPHONE MICROPHONE 500 570

65412152528 - Bluetooth kit with USB/audio 2660 2700
84109257160 - Combox Media 2560 2600

MULF2 Full Install 7650 7990
Combox Full Install 5610 5760

The MULF2 can be sourced from e.g. eBay for a lot less, especially as folks upgrade to Combox's. But the Combox price is good for me here to get a new part. Vendor V has an 8-10 week lead time! Haven't got an answer from vendor D yet about lead times. There may be 1 extra part (cheap) required on the Combox install if it needs to go in the trunk instead of the GC.

There is an additional cost of ~5000 to get the ICOM head for programming, but I think I will just absorb that as I mentioned, as being able to code BMWs would be a handy thing for the future I think.

Hey - which thread did you get that E89 trunk pic from? I didn't find any good E89 threads, that would be handy.

I believe the Combox will still go in the GC with the 6-CD changer. The spec sheet I have on the E89 shows the location of the Combox as the GC. Will have to check it out when I receive parts and install it where appropriate I guess.