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Originally Posted by Land_Shark
Here is where the BT module in our Z4...
You may want to hold on. Since BimmerNav just give you the parts I've put together the parts lists myself and found a source in HK.

I think we'll be able to do it much cheaper than BimmerNav, plus a bit better (Combox instead of MULF). My parts cost is currently coming out around $5000 HKD, almost a $4000 saving.

Main cost right now is the ICOM head to re-code (instead of the DCAN cable) to ensure we can program new Combox's. Basically I'm thining to sink this as coding seems to be thin on the ground in HK and I'm thinking I can make it back by coding a few cars for a few dollars.

I'm going to order my parts as soon as the ICOM pricing comes back, hoping today.

Quite happy to be a guinea pig here, you want to work on it together so you can see how to do yours? I could do with someone that's pulled apart a BMW before too.