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Originally Posted by bryanhoag View Post
Just tried to tighten them. They were already snug. Didn't budge with some pressure.

What ended up being the issue with the roof that wouldn't go up?

Could it simply be an issue of low hydraulic fluid?
To a simpleton like me it seems like an issue of not being able to generate enough pressure or tension to hoist the weight of the top components.
The hydraulic fluid should be between min and max level. I have never seen a loss of hydraulic fluid in the past. In general, don't fill in more then up to the max level. The required hydraulic oil quality is "ZH-M" or "ZHM". Expensive from BMW (100€/liter), much cheaper from Mercedes (16€/l), the best price on eBay (~8€/l).

After we tightened these 2 screws the required pressure was back and the roof worked like intended.

Yes, you are correct regarding the opening process. But if the pump would be too weak, it never should be able to lift the package out of the trunc. Weird.