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Originally Posted by Mako View Post
The Z4 is huge compared to the original Z3. I owned a 2000 M roadster and then a 2006 M Coupe (and a Z4 roadster in between) but I could really tell the difference in size from my 2000 model to 2006, and the new Z4 is bigger than the 2006 M Coupe I had (third generation now). so there is plenty of room to make a Z2 that would be back to the original size of the Z3, plus the Z4 is really up market now, a fully loaded 35is costs more than a loaded M3!

They need a $35K roadster again, and an Z2M to match the 1M (think 2002 M Roadster/Coupe which had 330 horsepower engines, but these will be lighter and have better transmissions).

Now if only we could get a coupe version!!! my future mid life crisis car, Z2M Coupe!
YES TO THIS!!! I would buy a Z2M Coupe right now! 270+hp turbo four!! All Day, any day!