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Originally Posted by BlueZ4Arizona View Post
Selfish? - If you want to spin it that way, then ABSOLUTELY!!! Whatever is in MY best interest when it comes to resale value on MY CAR I am all for and not afraid to tell everyone.

How 'bout if I repeat it again JUST FOR YOU: EXCELLENT news!!!!!All of us happy, satisfied 2009 - 2013 Z4 owners don't need some mini-me version of our car around to suck our resale values down!!!!!!

None of us Z4 owners really give a frog's fat a$$ what your opinion is about our car.

All of us that already have the Z4 are quite happy, so go try to rain on someone else's parade because it won't work here. Nice try, thanks for playing, we have some lovely parting gifts for you back stage.
Last time I checked this was the Z2 section. This is for people who are/were interested in buying a Z2. You were the one that came in here first saying how happy you were that the car I was looking forward to buying is probably not going to be made. Quite frankly I don't give a flying "frog" about your resale values, because want a small,lightweight RWD sports car from BMW. If you don't respect that then how am I the troll?

And I am happy you are happy. All I am asking is that you respect those that aren't. As for the parting gifts, can you Fedex them to me? I must have missed them.