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Originally Posted by BlueZ4Arizona
Excellent news. All of us happy, satisfied 2009 - 2013 Z4 owners don't need some mini-me version of our car around to suck our resale values down.

To comment on an earlier post - The Z4 was never intended to be a high volume vehicle, so the relatively low sales volume has nothing to do with whether it was success or not.

Once you remove the crappy OEM runflats and put on a proper set of tires, such as Michelin Pilot Super Sports, the car becomes the sports car it was meant to be.
Thats quite a selfish viewpoint. Quite frankly I am not satisfied with the current Z4. It is too big, too heavy, too soft, and has gotten to expensive. If BMW makes a RWD Z2 and if it is a proper sports car I plan on buying it. Although the E89 is an incredibly beautiful car, I wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole.