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Originally Posted by Autobacs View Post
Further confirmation you are clueless with your speculations. This is my last post on the subject because I am now prolonging what I did not want to prolonged in the first place. This is a RACING BOARD. GO TAKE YOUR POLITICS TO A POLITICAL FORUM WHERE IT RIGHTFULLY BELONGS.
Sorry, at what point in time did I say anything political? I was specifically addressing racism. Racism isn't political, but yes certain politics sadly can be based on race. Please understand the difference.

It's unfortunate that you make some pretty bold claims, and then don't want to talk about what you said and the implications.

You said you don't agree with Lewis Hamilton's position on racism. His position is that he experienced it and wants to see change, even funding a commission to identify what can be done to help, where I bet he will contribute more funding to.

So you disagree with that? Are you saying you disagree with the racism he experienced? Are you saying you disagree with his position to want to see change in the sport and overall in the world?

Remember, I am only labeling you if you think F1 hasn't ever had a problem with race and diversity. Are you saying that you think F1 doesn't have and never has had this problem? You haven't denied this yet, so maybe you truly do think this.

You can disagree with how he is using his platform to advocate for change in his sport and overall. But that doesn't seem to be what you are disagreeing with based on your comments. But ill let you use it as a way out.

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