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Originally Posted by Merami fan View Post
The Telluride is closer to the X5 than X7... It's 3 inches longer than an X5, but still far from a full-size 3rd row. Telluride vs X5 for nearly the same price? You must be joking. New X5s are still available at 10% off MRSP in some markets. Low 60s with some options. Even lower if you can find a loaner.

I think a lot of people assume the BMW/MB/Audi/etc in the same segment costs way more just due to the brand name. If you just look at the national "offers" listed on their websites, you would come to that conclusion. But if you take the time to research what's actually possible, you wouldn't be one of those people paying BMW money for an Acura/Infiniti, or worse. People are getting Accords for over $500/month nowadays... Much worse market than sub-$500 loaner 530i days, but come on.

If the deals shared on Leasehackr aren't too far apart, then people are absolutely walking into dealerships and signing for much, much higher payments on 'lower tier' brands. To be completely fair, many of the higher end deals are sweetened by loyalty, but it's not much in many cases. Only $500 on a 330i this month, for example. Even at $1,500, $500/year more on a BMW vs a lesser brand is a very comparable cost... but the cars are not nearly as close. I don't think the cost to insure is that far apart.
Disagree with the first paragraph, we've had 7 adults in our telluride and it was comfortable. Passenger volume of the x5 is 103cubic ft, passenger volume of the telluride of 155cubit ft. The x7 has less passenger volume, 143cubic ft.

Anyways, happy I got mine for MSRP - only had to travel close to 700miles each way to do so lmao!
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