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Originally Posted by Autobacs View Post
You have a cool story too. This is about racing so why don't you, and everyone else for that matter, not inject politics or race into the discussion. You insinuate and then back off. Nobody knows anyone here personally so it's a reach at best.

I don't like Lewis for mixing politics into F1 AND anyone else who injects politics into sports.

As far as driving talent, absolutely he is awesome. Never once did I ever think that he was not BUT, I think Max can give him a run for his money this year. I think it is BORING when one just dominates, just like the MS years in Ferrari. Much more entertaining when there is a close fight: SEN vs PRO, HAK vs MS, ALO vs MS, ALO vs LH etc.
Politics and sports go hand in hand and always have. The ancient as well as modern Olympics were laced in politics with the modern Olympics SPECIFICALLY designed to "bring nations together in peaceful congress."

To say that politics isn't or shouldn't be involved in sports is a bit naive.

Several actors have played James Bond, Sean Connery IS James Bond...
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