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Originally Posted by David70 View Post
30 amp 110v, if the Volt is at zero, how long for it to get a full charge?

I think this would be impractical with the Bolt.
The car will not allow any portable charger beyond 12 amps at 110V.
My portable charger is sending just shy of 12 amps but it can also send up to 24 amps at 220v.

I will run it empty tonight and let everyone know. I was told GM locked the amount of charge where it would never actually go to 0% or get to 100%
I noticed that when it ran empty but I was able to run on electric only at low speed.
So far, I am getting 45mpg on GAS -- HOLD mode.

Like mkoesel said, you will need a dedicated 220v Level 2 charger with a large capacity EV.
But since my car is only 18kWh it's not a big deal.

I have to say this is a whole lot different than many other PHEV. If you have some juice left in the battery, the gas engine will not even start at full throttle. The engine won't even try to run when parked.

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