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Quick update

The used Volt that I bought had its charging cord stolen so the dealer is ordering me a replacement. I also bought a more robust portable home charger that can charge up to 16amps for 110-220V.

Last evening, I plugged the charger into the outlet and it was drawing roughly 4 Amps. This was going to take over 18 hours to charge so I went into the car charging menu and set the charge limit to allow for 12 Amps charging. It wasn't more than 15 minutes and the breaker tripped. It tripped a couple more times. As I found out, my garage breaker is only 15 amps. Fortunately I had a dedicated 30 Amp 110V RV outlet installed so I had to go buy an RV to NEMA 6-20 adaptor to make it work. Finally, it was drawing over 11 Amps and would be able to fully charge by morning.

As a side note, the charging cord anti theft works by turning on the car alarm when it's unplugged without unlocking the car. A very cool feature to have for protecting your expensive portable charger.

I was also able to register my car to Onstar for a year of free service which will let me "Precondition" the car, remote lock/unlock and see the charging status. Very cool stuff indeed.
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