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Originally Posted by chassis View Post
This post sums it up nicely for me. The EV use case is very narrow. EVs are not for me until all of my use case requirements are solved at an investment thesis that exceeds all alternatives. We just drove 4300 miles round trip through 8 states on mountainous roads in zero degree F weather, and spent multiple 14 hour + driving sessions with short overnight sleeps. We did it in luxury and comfort with an excess of interior space. No EV can do this today.

Congrats to GenXer on the purchase.
I call BS on this. Cars have already gone past the point where they are too complex for the long run. There's no way the electronics are going to be working or available for repair 10 or 20 years down the road. The much more specialized and exotic parts that are commonplace now won't be available. We might have the best "performing" cars out of the box right now, but we've already crossed over the line where these are not going to last the long-haul like older 500,000 mile toyotas. The crazy complication of cars with their electrical systems and computers in addition to eeking out every little HP and torque has pushed us past that point.
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