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That I can certainly relate to. For me the far more compelling part is near-zero maintenance. Charging at home is also very convenient.
Agreed, although I don't have one the maintenance and lack of warm up considerations would be the big factors. Depending on how much you drive, gas often costs as much or less than maintenance. Plus if I want to take the 335is on a 5-min errand (I don't, but say I did), it's a 5 to 10-min warmup because my oil thermostat is bypassed, and then the whole time it's still not up to temp so I'm pussyfooting it trying to keep it out of boost so I don't put any extra strain on my rod bearings. Then I park it and cry cuz it was only on for 10-15 minutes and I'm adding extra stress to the engine gaskets and valvetrain with a partial warmup and then another nearly-cold start and another partial warmup....

Meanwhile in the Tesla you roll down the driveway, floor it immediately, and if there's a supercharger at the store you come home with more charge than you left with.
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My wife would give me so much head if I did that.
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