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Originally Posted by GenXer View Post
So far I've been able to get 50 miles out of the 53 EPA rating.
That's great to hear. Hopefully you find that you can do that on a consistent basis.

Unlike a regular plug-in hybrid, the Volt is actually an electric car with a very big generator. It can run in both parallel and serial mode. There are 2 electric motors and 2 planetary gears that can divert energy to whatever is calling for resource. There's no direct correlation between the engine RPM and the speed. It doesn't even turn on the gas engine even at full load. I do find that I spend a lot of energy for cabin heating.
I definitely don't want to open up and consume that can of worms, but it's important to understand that all electric motors as configured in motor vehicles double as generators. Furthermore, most if not all contemporary plug-in hybrid vehicles can function in either dedicated electric or electric-assist modes.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with a plug-in hybrid. As I say, it gives you that safety net. However, the technology is very commoditized at this point. From a user experience point of view you are going to get a vehicle that behaves like an EV regardless of which vendor you buy from. The Volt is (was) a great vehicle though, so I'm sure it'll provide you with everything you need.
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