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Originally Posted by GenXer View Post

But it's going to be for everyone.

"Governmental pressure, environmental pressure, performance, pricing, and speed of improvement are all in EV's court."

I drive 24k miles a year. It should be extremely beneficial to me. But the energy cost savings as compared to a hybrid (even if the price of the vehicle was removed) is not significant.

Believe me I've been trying to justify the reason to buy another vehicle. I'm actually not used to having just one.

If I could find a cost savings benefit to this equation, it would be a lot easier to convince the other people in my family that I should get one.
The only reasons I could come up with are that it's cool, quick, quiet, unique. But that's not going to win an argument.
Clearly, the electric car is not aimed at you at all. Let's remember, they make more sense as city cars, not cars that are driven 100 miles a day IMO. Then you're adding things like ability to tow, charge fast ect ect...

For me, I can't justify electric cars yet because gas is hovering around $2.20 in SC right now. I currently daily a 2016 Toyota Tundra which gets around 13-14 mpg avg, but my commute is only 16 miles daily. So a car like a used BMW i3S would be awesome to have. But we'd both be lying to ourselves that electric cars save money at the moment. A beater car or used Prius would destroy this argument every day of the week. If you had the ability to charge at work for a low cost or free, that might make more sense.

I'm just interested in something I could turn the AC/heat from a phone, drive just a few miles and not care that engine oil hasn't come up to temp yet. I think we'll get cars that meet your requirements, but it's still years away

P.S. Also, $1k for brake service? I did all 4 corners of the Tundra for $180, gotta love it
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