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Lightbulb Which used BMW - E82 135i, E46 M3, E90 M3, or E39 M5?

Hello everyone! I honestly just want to make a post asking everyone's advice on which car they would purchase! I am not asking cost of ownership, of stuff along those lines. Just simply want to know what YOU know about these cars in terms of driving experience, and bang for the buck. Im gonna write a lot of stuff about me and how I would plan on building these cars just to give you that much more detail on how they will be. I will also include a picture of my favorite build of the car basically how I would do it! with credit to car owner of course! I think about this a lot since all I am doing is stacking up to finally obtain an M car lol Tell me what you think! The cars I am very interested in ( E82 135i N54, E90 M3, E39 M5, E46 M3) more details later on! NOTE: Car would be a mild daily? I would drive it more that often because obviously were on this forum because we like to drive, and drive fun cars right? but I have Hondas Toyotas and a Subaru at my disposal as well just an FYI.

Heres a little background on me:

I am 19 years old, I live in the San Fransisco (East) Bay Area and I am a mechanical engineering major in college and Im pretty well educated on all cars, can work on many due to the fact that my house never has less than 8 cars and usually only 3 run, so me and my dad are usually fixing something lol , I'm now looking for something new to me, that's able to destroy the twisties surrounded by redwood trees up in the roads in the hills. cool cars I've owned: 90' 325is (for 2 weeks), 2000 mustang gt, 96 miata, 93 civic hatch, and 3500 Silverado hd. Yes I know im 19 and I should be driving my accord or civic until im 40 and own a house BUT fortunately or unfortunately (however you see it) im living at home while getting my degree and working so I have some extra money (: (yes I pay my bills but my mom washes my pants still :/ ) all jokes aside I would love your opinion! I am experienced driving fast cars as I have been driving way before the law says I can, and I've had a couple cars that I can really push and my dad has owned 2 newer 5.0s and I have friends with some crazy cars, and would think im pretty alright at it. I am also hoping to get a job at Dinan soon (yes Dinan) so I think that would open some good doors as far as networking, getting parts, etc. but who knows right? Sorry for all the information, its just on similar threads I always see people say "well how much you make" "get a civic" or "RoD BEaRiNgs wIlL geT u BrO" so I just wanted to establish that. Now the cars!

E82 135i:

135i 6MT with the basic $1700 mods, Jb4, downpipes, intake, intercooler, etc
I love this car because its a small drivers car, cheap power gains, and the looks. I think I like this car that much more because I had the chance to keep a Long Beach Blue M2 (DCT) for a week. What a car that was. I took it on some of the best canyon roads near me, it blew the doors off of my dads 2016 5.0, and kept up with about most of my friends faster cars in a straight line, but nobody could touch me in the corners, the amount of grip was amazing!!! So it seems I am leaning toward the 135i because I can get the same and MORE power as the m2, and get the blissful handling as well. what do you think?

My Favorite Build: CREDIT: Joe_135i
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E90 M3 6MT:

2011 E90 M3 Competition, in Alpine white. I Haven't driven this car, but it is sexy in every other way possible. a v8, hips, 4 doors, and a manual? yes please! I know this is the newest and most expensive car, but is it worth it over the other 3? My ideal mods: BBS LMs or stock zcp wheels, CSL style trunk, Gintani tune, cat / muffler delete, Power wise there isn't much is there? yeah a supercharger but why spend $7000 on a supercharger when I can use that to buy another e30 or a fox body? I mean if I have an extra money sure but would probably never happen. any current/previous owners have thoughts opinions on this car?

my ideal builds: CREDIT: Pom Performance & @m3nyc_ (instagram)

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E46 m3

E46 m3 competition , CSL Wheels, CSL Trunk, manual. again, I know power isn't a really extractable thing from this motor unless you supercharge. I drove one once for a half mile in my neighborhood when I was 13. I barely learned how to transition the clutch from a dirt bike to a car so it really wasn't a drive. I just remember the ride was bad because it was a track car, and throttle response was sharp. How was your e46 m3 compared to the other cars?

E39 M5

If I had a m5 id probably lower it, that's about it, it is a beautiful car period. Haven't driven one or sat in one, but this guy that lives in my area has a Dinan m5 and it sounds brutal and is so clean! I know the hype behind them but can anyone comment? in comparison to the other cars, what would you pick?

Again, Apologize for the heaps of text and information, I am just really confused lol. I know each of these cars is completely different, im asking for you to compare a sub compact car and a grand touring car lol. But I like all Cars, im not really looking for a purpose, I don't have a commute, don't care what is better on gas from here to work whatever. I just want to know what is worth it in your opinion and what will be the most fun in your eyes. Don't know what else to say but appreciate you reading all this and let me know!!!
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