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Originally Posted by F32Fleet View Post
Dinan being absorbed and moved to Opelika Alabama? Good god. What sad news.
Originally Posted by e92ben View Post
Dinan moving focus to Audi/vag cars. Interested to see what or when carbahn will be releasing parts wise. Not the catchiest name but sure is exciting.
Originally Posted by F32Fleet View Post
I wonder what it is about BMW that is causing them to move away? Funny if it were warranty claims.
Originally Posted by MilehighM3 View Post
This is not true. They same company that purchased Dinan also acquired APR last year. Dinan is actually looking to develop the F series flash tuning which is part of the move and business acquisition with APR. they're more up to date on the newer ECM variants and flashing so look for something to replace the piggyback offerings in the next ~6 months.
Originally Posted by e92ben View Post
Audi s3 exhaust already available. You'll see it coming soon.
Dont want to take away from Carbahn here but felt the need to chime in seeing all the misinformed posts.

MilehighM3 is about as close to factual as it goes but still not the whole story. Dinan is not shifting focus to VAG cars. We are a BMW/MINI and now, MB based outfit. About a year ago we started going down the VAG route and were well on our way to releasing a full lineup of parts for the late model Audi and VW's when our parent organization bought APR, of VW/Audi tuning fame. At that point it didn't make sense to release a bunch of products that would compete with a sister company so all of those products are being sucked into the APR brand (albeit slowly) so the R&D wouldn't be for naught. A couple items that were already finished goods and didn't make sense to relabel due to costs (suspensions and exhausts namely) we opted to just list on eBay at a massive discount to get it out of the building. Fast forward a few months and Dinan has moved from California and into the APR facility in Alabama (2nd day here). While its still a bit chaotic with the transition going on it is readily apparent that both companies will benefit from the shared space even though the companies are still independent from one another in R&D, productions, etc. Hard not to benefit with 2 great knowledgeable groups of individuals being around one another. Lots of shared ideas to come I am sure.

But anyway--- back to Carbahn. Steve and team are some of the best out there and for those that want to go the extra mile for their vehicles they are the folks to go to. We send countless amounts of folks over that want to do custom work or just want a high powered motor over to them that is now beyond our scope (a bit more mainstream). Never have I heard of a disappointed customer yet from those referrals.
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