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Originally Posted by morfinx View Post
I'm confused as to what you mean here In manual mode it should never upshift unless you hit redline?
Originally Posted by javol View Post
If you tap the paddles when in D, the car shifts manually for some seconds then came back to "a normal auto D" if you not insist with the paddles.
For a full manual you have to move the shifter to the left (S position) then start to use the paddles or to move the shifter forward - backward.
When fully manual the gears are labelled by an "M": M1, M2, etc. on the central display.
@ morfinx to amplify just a bit on javol's post, the term "manual" mode is a bit of a misnomer in a DCT equiped car. Regardless of make, model etc. you really aren't in total control. The exception would be a few of the high end supercars which allow the driver "more" control.

It's sort of like "fly by wire" in a jet - you move the control stick but a computer is actuating vertical and horizontal control surfaces based on millions of data calculations per second. Likewise with a DCT, in some situations the computer just won't let you shift down a gear (e.g., what the computer perceives may damage your drive train), and as mentioned sometime it will upshift without your permission - even in full "manual" mode. In both cases, the DCT (e.g., computer control gear box) is following some higher directives hard coded into the ECU by BMW.
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