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Originally Posted by JonathanH View Post
Thanks for the info! Some questions about running with stage 1+ :

any issues around overheating ?
is the increased pressure on for all driving modes, or just for Sport and Sport + ?
can the t-mod be done programmatically - or, to put it another way, coupled only with Sport +? Can the turbos adequately handle the increased PSI ?
Could be that I have a Euro 35iS but really don't think there is a difference.

To your points.

- Car doesn't overheat and doesn't get any hotter than when I had it stock. Never past half way on engine temp gage even after pushing it VERY hard.

- golf t mod, as far as i know is mechanical mod. its either on or off. It takes all of 20 seconds to put on or off once you know what you are doing.

- if you are going to run burble just make sure its at 0 seconds for normal and medium 0.5 (i found the best) for sport. You get best of both worlds.
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