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Impressive Power!

Sorry for late update but was in Singapore last week

So I went to the track 28/07 (note that this was my first time behind any car at the track) and was very close to shatting my pants going down the straights with the Z4 35i ESS Stage II tune...

Very... very quick and the power is very solid (power comes much quicker than with the stock tune, its very noticeable), first session I was just getting used to the track and the car and by the third session I had a good handle and was setting a good pace.

Set a 1:14.5 as my best lap (Wakefield) which was just over 10secs off the fastest car on the day (which was modded to sh..) and I know I can easily improve on that on my next visit as I will be more familiar with the lines. Maybe to put into perspective, there was a BMW M3 E46 that set 1:11.3 as his best lap

Not sure if this will come up but here are the full lap times:

Should have some more photos soon and will be going back next month to set some faster times!

Only one issue experienced was that after the third session my windows weren't working anymore so when I closed my door there was a gap between the window as it didn't wind down to allow the door to close properly. On the way home it apparently fixed itself.

Also I picked up a stone chip or two on my CF lip