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Originally Posted by DavesZed View Post
If anyone is interested in this retro-fit I've managed to colate all the information in two Word documents (1st is the physical installation and the 2nd is the coding stages). They are mainly other peoples work but just all together with some additional information especially for the e89.

They are on my DropBox account ....

Part 1 >>

Part 2 >>

I hope that is of help to someone.
Just as a heads-up for purchasing your Cruise stalk assembly.....

DON'T just search for one that is labelled as e89 as sellers seem to increase the price of these just because it's a Z4.
Instead put in your search e90 as this should bring up the exact same stalk as for the e81, 82, 87, 88, 89, 90, 91, 92 and 93. These are all the same fitment with the only other item to watch out for is the "A" symbol on the wiper stalk if you have auto wipers, if not then you just have the windscreen with the 3 dashers underneath symbol (if you have trouble here you CAN buy any stalk assembly but then have the wrong symbol and no LED)
Hope that helps.

EDIT - Attached photos showing the Standard cruise Stalks (Right side stalk with the 3 dashes) and the Auto Wiper stalks (Right stalk with the "A" on it and an LED)
You CAN actually run auto wipers with a standard stalk if that is all that you can find.
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2011, 23i, Grey with Red leather.... relatively basic (getting less and less basic with every new retrofit)!

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