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Originally Posted by amber-katie View Post
I agree that Youtube is without a doubt the leading network of videos but it also has competitors who are putting every possible effort to takeover this giant video watching site. Glad that you mentioned Vimeo which i recently learned tends to focus more on quality and less on quantity. Over the weekend i was familiarizing myself with what exactly is reliable out there. Apparently one of the newcomers getting press is dailymotion, which is quite influential in the social space at the moment with a lot of sharing going on. In the case that you may find it interesting...i came across a detailed comparison article of other reliable options out there.
Dailymotion is an ad infested dump compared to Youtube and Vimeo, YT might have a lot of ads if you ask people but they are basically all skippable these days and are nicely integrated compared to DM that has banners high and low autoplaying outside of the video windows.

Daily Motion is mainly short clips uploaded to be shared on social media, and most clips originated from Youtube to begin with . Not much original content at all in comparison to Youtube and Vimeo.

So stick to Youtube for time wasting and add Vimeo if you want to see more original content from video makers or motion graphic etc.