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Originally Posted by HighlandPete View Post
I was answering your comment on BMW...

Do you really think there are enough customers out there wanting the more hardcore vehicle these days? Enough to turn the clock backwards for BMW?

I have my doubts. When you read some of the customer reviews and how they felt BMW models, (of a couple generations back), rode too hard, lacked comfort, etc. The writing was on the wall, for BMW to soften the cars. I see it that BMW responded to customer demand. A few vocal enthusiasts and road testers didn't like the new direction. Many users see an improvement in what they want from BMW. Now we see such things as the infotainment system, often being the deciding factor of what brand to get into. I see a changed motoring world, changing as we move forward, but not in the direction of the past.

I may be wrong, but reading some of the technical press, which looks at the wider transport market, BMW (or any of the other marques) won't be going back to the good old days. We are in a different era. M-cars are the models, to fill the need of the hard core driver. The M-performance models bridge the divide.
I don't really understand why you're so convinced that people don't care about how cars drive anymore.

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