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Originally Posted by Efthreeoh View Post
I have professional experience is this area. The Congress and the DOT have no idea how to implement an autonomous driving transportation system. The only way an autonomous transportation system will lower death rates is by reducing overall trips and lowering overall road speeds to lessen crash impact energy.
So do I, and I call BS on that, sorry. I didn't say they know how to implement autonomous driving right now, but they and we will get there. I said they want to reduce traffic deaths. These issues are being worked on currently. By metering against the vehicle in front, keeping distances, slowing down when the vehicle ahead slows down (rather than having the head down on the phone), staying in the lane, braking for someone that suddenly crosses (when again you might be on your phone) and a plethora of other situations, it will absolutely reduce deaths. Other motorists. Pedestrians. You name it. That doesn't mean lowering overall speeds. It may mean averaging speeds.
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