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Originally Posted by Efthreeoh View Post
The companies behind autonomous are Big Data, so they'll never allow a mandate to disallow use of phones while driving, nor self police it. They love to track you where ever you go. The Government would just love to implement autonomous driving so you have to log your trip and then you can be constantly tracked and controlled. Kiss your privacy goodbye (even more than it is already gone).
The government could care less about tracking you and where you go relative to highway safety, the agencies like DOT, NHTSA and NTSB want to reduce the deaths on the road. Congress controls the ability to make and pass laws and congress is controlled by money and people. Too many people are convinced "they" can handle a phone while they drive and it's the "other people" that should be somehow policed. It'll take the Presdient's daughter getting creamed by a distracted driver most likely to do something about this. Until then, the deaths and injuries will continue to stack up until we have autonomous driving. Not that it will be without challenges and hiccups.
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