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Originally Posted by chassis View Post
The Tesla charts are not apples to apples. The first chart from 2017 shows a facelifted Tesla sales vs. BMW and M-B sales of vehicles getting long in the tooth of their lifecycles.

Both charts compare Tesla vehicles with starting MSRPs notably lower than the comparators. Not material comparisons.

Regarding BMW's drivability, it is here and real. My wife's G01 X3 is much more fun to drive than my W166 GLE350 and more fun than a GLC300, or C300 for that matter.

In addition to current BMW models being more fun to drive than relevant comparators, the iDrive system is heads and shoulders better than M-B COMAND. COMAND's successor, MBUX, has had mixed reviews. I have used COMAND but not (yet) MBUX. iDrive is excellent.
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