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Originally Posted by SoCalS2k View Post
LA has homeless areas and poor and sick ppl that's true. But what does that have to do with democrats? Every big city in the US I've ever been to has those type of population. And homeless ppl get sick and spread disease.

Nothing new there but what does that have to do with democrats? You just say that it has to do with democrats but don't explain why.

Your gonna tell me homeless ppl are all liberals now? They probably can't tell you who is president. Your gonna tell me democrats make laws that make everyone homeless? Lol. Choose any big city in America in the most republican state you want and I'll show you poor and homeless ppl and disease.

I can tell you some diseases are worse now after anti vaccine ppl and those are certainly not liberals ideas. I seen a bunch of the crazy republicans here tell us vaccines are bad in fact. But that's ok republicans very convenient don't talk about measles outbreak this year because of stupid anti vaccine ppl. Just like they conveniently don't talk about rising deficit and debt levels under trump. So convenient.

You also ignore that this guy who is wrong about everything is now trying to make disease a partisan issue. It doesn't get much sicker then that but I never underestimate some ppl. I can now imagine a day when he will be happy if a democrat gets cancer or will say ppl who are democrats more likely get cancer and make some kind of chart to show that. A truly sick (and always factually wrong) individual you are standing behind.
I'm not standing behind anyone. I'm presenting data. I worked in ID for 5 years and worked on teams to bring 2, first-in-class antibiotics to the market. as well as received briefings from the CDC during the last Ebola crisis and worked with the on-the-ground physicians in that crisis. I've presented at universities on ID.

You are incorrect here. The policies that these cities promulgate have caused an acceleration of the disease by increasing the vectors available for transmission, creating crowded and filthy homeless camps through misguided policies, and pandering to those in need rather than helping them in a proper manner. In this day and age when it's acceptable to take a crap on a sidewalk in many of the cities in question, it's a policy problem.

Look to the leadership in the city.
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