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Originally Posted by Now_Rudi View Post
Much appreciated!

I don't have any friends that work out or anyone to train with....and I don't trust the trainers at the gym; one is fat as hell and the other two ooze this god-like complex because they are trainers at a Planet Fitness. I totally get that my gym is the Wal-Mart or McDonalds as far as gyms are concerned, but the other 2 gyms in town are swimming with 2 types - douche bags and local police officers. Nothing against police officers in general, but I live in a small town and let's just say I have a checkered Planet Fitness is better than nothing. I'll eagerly accept any advice. The majority of my info and training knowledge comes from hours of scouring the internet (although everything a person reads is contradictory to everything they read before...or will read next - one person says one thing, someone else says something completely different) and pure experimentation based off what my body responds to.

I'm going to lower my caloric intake a little for the rest of this bulk phase. I'll keep doing cardio 2-3 times/week for 30 minutes as well. Come the 15th of September, I'll cut for 2 weeks, keep "trying" (I know I'll lose a little muscle and strength during my cut phase) to lift at the same level I'm at now and increase cardio to 45 minutes; then see where I'm at.

Thanks again for the advice! I've been relentless on this since November. I do get frustrated sometimes, but oddly enough anytime that I bitch within a couple of days, whatever I bitch about I see results in. Either way, once I set my mind to something I'm like a fully loaded Mack truck going down hill with no brakes. I'll get to where I want to be, I just wish I wasn't so damn impatient.
I have quite a few workouts that are programmed for what you are doing. They have 3,4,5 day options. The off days are when you do cardio.

Do you have Android or I-Phone. If Android, I can tell you some free apps that you plug in what you want to do, estimated 1 rep maxes, and it will lay out 4 weeks of training for you. You can even select your own exercises.

It automatically recaclculates your weights and sets your next 4 week cycle up with the new weights. It touches on heavy weight, moderate weight, rest periods,.......pretty much all the methods of progression over those 4 weeks mixed in at different times.

You just open your app at the gym, and your workout and rest periods are layed out for you. You just check them off as you do them.
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