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MHD has a linear throttle options but i haven't bothered with it (they describe it as "stock 40% throttle = 80% torque, linear 40% throttle = 40% torque)

I've been on stage 1 for a while now and yesterday I got a random misfire at the top end of 3rd, started running rough, seems like the car shutdown the cyclinder, i pulled over, restarted the car, and it was fine, but i didn't get on it since then. I'm not really sure if that scenario points to anything specific, so now i'm doing the entire ignition system asap.

MHD only support 2 aftermarket coil kits, so it's looking like i'm going with the bimmerlife tuning coil kit, I saw them recommend the NGK N20 with a 0.026 gap on the N54, but for some reason my car isn't on that plug fitment list, i'll try and find the ones you mentioned.

I'm on the fence for injectors, FCP has them for about $1400 or so, but i've found index 12s for less than half that so i'm still doing some research.
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