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Originally Posted by E90MCF View Post
Must've been too daft to read the cap is still red

It might be nice to not have to hear any negativity or 'personal' suggestions aka '$0.02', it's boring the same guys do it over and over. If you didn't understand the disclaimer saying don't post if you're going to do either of those 2 things then daftness has gotten the better of you.

Simple as don't like it don't post.

I wouldn't be surprised if you had white/black/silver/blue car with matte/gloss accents/rims.
Get over it and yourself. It is a forum where people are free to express ones opinions.
Agreed. This is a forum. Leave your photos on your computer if you don't want people to express their opinions. All opinions are welcome as long as they're civil and respectful. In this case no one has been disrespectful.