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Thumbs up Let you into to a little 'secret' - resetting adaptations improves performance!

I tried to do a search on this but found no 100% answer.

So I try it myself with the glorios BT tool.

I have in past try the DCT reset with the holding down the pedal but it did nothing for me.

With the BT tool not only I resetted the DCT adaptations but also:

ECU reset
Fuel/timing/air adaptations reset
Throttle reset
VVT reset
VANOS reset
Octane rating reset
And another of others too

Now when I started the car there was big problem - the rpms jumped up and down and I had no throttle! The DCT gear wouldnt shift either.
So I reconnected the BT and cleared the error codes.
These codes were from me resetting the throttle adaptations - a common issue I have read on the forums. I won't do that next time!

Anyway I went for my 1st drive....

The first thing I noticed as I put reverse out my driveway was that ....the DCT REVERSE GEAR LAG WAS GONE!! Ok I thought...this is very good.

Then I was in for more suprises. The gear changes in manual were a bit funny at first but it quickly adapated. After warming the car up a little I tested the throttle response and power. WOW! My ESS tune just got even better!!

The only other mod I have is a drop-in filter and I did feel a slight difference after that before the reset. So I hope the air adaptations reset may be of help here too.

The power is amazing smooth and solid. Even in the hotter weather (last time I drove the car it was 78oF night now is 90+oF) I was very suprised. The car is much more fun - like an 'M' car.

I think I should have resetted this Adapatations immediately after the install of my ESS tuner! Overtime the ECU etc get confused with all different adaptations to fuel, inputs etc. This reset starts it all over again. I guess would be good immediately after break-in too!

Very cool

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