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Originally Posted by 1MOREMOD View Post
Seasonal affective disorder is kind of a joke. Next they will come up with a special disorder that every person in warm climates has. You know everyones got tons of major illness right! Drug addiction is an illness, and being overweight, and if a kid doesn't want to pay attention in school or listen to their parents, ie normal, drug em up!
Who said anything about SAD? Living in the land of damp grey gets damn depressing day in and day out. Yes, you get used to it but when it comes to getting up for work at 5am, it's 38 degrees and pouring outside.. the lure of a Quad mocha is very effective.

New topic: I think maybe we Hawk fans should start a new thread where Sherman is not a "Moron" as T-bone is ignoring my requests to change the title back to the original. There's plenty of things to talk about in the off season... contracts, draft, 2014 season, etc.