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Originally Posted by The HACK View Post
LOL. That's generating quite a stir at the closed loop echo chamber known as CorvetteForums. Fat jokes about Matt Farrah appears to be the most prevalent theme, although from what I've seen of most Corvette owners...None of them should REALLY be making any sort of fat jokes, myself included.

Hey...I resent that remark!!

Although I have let myself go a little too much since our last beach trip.

But seriously, it's always been like that. Love it or hate it, they/we are fiercely loyal about anything said about our car of choice.....and tend to attack rather quickly.

I was a die-hard C5Z guy as I loved the FRC design, and while I never blasted the C6 openly like a lot on there when it came out...I never planned to get one. Once I had a few, I was adamant I would forgo the C7 when it first dropped.

Now I plan to be buying a C7Z or GrandSport once we find our last dream home since becoming empty nesters. Got to keep the wife happy.

I haven't been over there much lately. The demographic has changed. 10 years ago there were some really cool people that would help anyone out....and then you had your outliers like anywhere else.

But there isn't a lot of posting from some of the older guys like it used to be.
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