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Originally Posted by King Rudi View Post
Typical stereotype. Things have changed good sir. There are many highly functioning people out there. I won't elaborate, but but basically everything you said above is as inaccurate as it can be. Laziness is exhibited by the individual. Drugs simply accentuate the personality of the individual. There are plenty out there that find cannabis use to sharpen their mind and focus more.
You are trying to convince yourself that smoking is OK. The world has changed to accept medical marijuana, etc. People in general are now somewhat accepting it.

However you need to picture this topic.

1) Your child is killed by a drunk driver...
a. Alcohol is legal so it's ok
2) Your child is killed by someone who is under the influence of marijuana
b. Marijuana is legal in some states but no in others.

My point is simple. Outside of the medical marijuana BS smoke screen (which it is), tell me it's OK if #2 happened.

Lung cancer possibly down the road, COPD, etc. ???

It certainly impairs your reaction time and motor skills when driving.

Why are people purposely ignoring the obvious? PEOPLE ARE PURPOSELY IN DENIAL of the drug. Moderation? Drinking / Smoking... Good luck!
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