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Originally Posted by jmg View Post
That's a good question. Were you issued a company charge card, or do you report miles through a form?

Before I was issued a card, it was in miles driven regardless of the cost of the fuel you bought, but that was literally a decade ago, I'm not sure what the new methods are. It would be the same for the EV, you get paid for the miles, not the cost of the electricity, similar to the post above me by anyland stated.

Today with the company charge card I just use the card for fuel, but I don't get reimbursed directly for charging at home.

That not a problem in some of my offices that provide free charging, but for home use you would have to calculate your expenses using your EV's consumption and your energy bill's rate per kWh and perhaps report it that way.

Personally, I have a home office and a portion of the electricity bill in included in the rent I have my company pay me. A portion of the utilities are also tax deductible as a business expense. You just have to make sure you do the math right and consult your accountant.
It would be an interesting discussion with the CFO. Right now it's easy, we simply submit clear receipts for fuel and we're funded back 100%. A calculation of a portion of my overall electric bill is an additional burden that seems very unattractive. The other monetary benefit lost with an EV is I earn 4% back on fuel from my CC company. This is big when charging 94 octane over 30k miles a year.

No mileage report required as the monthly auto allowance covers wear and tear.
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